How it Works


We have the information and experience to help people to start, set up and run small garden maintenance businesses.

With over 30 years of experience we share our valuable knowledge with others who are eager to set up small garden maintenance businesses in their area.

The service is free to social housing tenants if their housing provider supports our National Garden Business Scheme.

We ask everyone to post their achievements on the site for others to see and to share knowledge.

New gardeners can build their own profile here to show new customers what they can do.
Film it from a mobile and post a garden on the site to show your work so others can ask you for your services.

Housing providers who subscribe can get involved and together we can make a difference. Share your knowledge while TTV offer services that will benefit you and your tenants.

We moderate all content on TTV. If you are a subscriber and would like something removed please contact us.

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