How it Works


When a registered tenant posts on TTV, and if their housing provider has subscribed to us, then a notification will automatically be sent to that housing provider to inform them of the post.  This might simply be an opinion, comment or request.

It may be that on seeing a post, there may be works that can be authorised and actioned from that very moment saving money, time and resources.  Otherwise, if a response is required then a line of communication is now open and housing providers can respond how they see fit.  As policy, we never pass on tenants details to anybody but all comments and videos posted are visible for all to see.  Should the matter need to be dealt with privately then the tenant can still contact their provider through the normal channels.

In the event of an issue being raised on TTV, perhaps where the repair system is failing them, workmanship is substandard, we have the facility to work closely with housing providers to help them respond to the best of their ability to get a resolution.

Where tenants feel that they have slipped through the normal repairs system, we can offer them advice and assistance with disrepair cases.

We are dedicated to improving social housing, with the additional aim of creating hundreds of new job openings across the UK and ideally, in the near future, be in a position to start building brand new homes, increasing the housing stock, as opposed to just regenerating old stock.

Welcome to Tenants TV, get involved and be part of the change.

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