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For the first time, tenants and housing associations have a platform to voice their opinions nationwide!

Tenants TV is about transparency, accountability and improving communication.  When we started TTV we saw a future where housing was just housing, not segregated into those that have and those that don’t.  A home should be a home and not an investment.  It doesn’t matter if you own, rent or get help with rent… it’s a home we all need and sometimes we need help.

Social housing is something that affects everyone in the UK in some way. To embrace this and make it better for the future is ultimately the responsibility of everyone, not just the housing providers. Only when people feel confident enough to share their housing experience, can we truly believe social housing will change.

There is so much that can be done to improve the industry and TTV want to make a difference.  Housing providers do a great job, though, as with most things in life, there is room for improvement.  With a platform that promotes positivity we offer a service that can make that difference.

Tenants TV shows the true picture of Social Housing in the UK. It is the only place where all providers and their tenants can come together as one.  Here they can learn and share stories that will help improve the lives of those living and growing up in social housing.

TTV believe that by sharing information, improving services and creating improved communication between tenants and their providers, things can change for the better.

Tenants:  Film it, share it.


Housing providers:  Subscribe, get involved and together we can make a difference. Share your knowledge while TTV offer services that will benefit you and your tenants.

We moderate all content on TTV and only remove content we believe to be overly extreme, explicit or outside reasonable limits.

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