How can I view my profile?

You can click on the My Dashboard tab at the top of any page.  On the left hand side you can find your profile, about half way down the list.  In here you can update any details and change your password.


What is my “Reputation”? / How can I see my Reputation?

Click on the My Dashboard button at the top of any page. Click on the Reputation link in the left hand list. Your reputation is based on your activity on the site: The more videos you upload or comment on the more points you will get. This helps other users identify you as a regular contributor on TenantsTV.

You can earn points as follows:

Upload a video = +2 points

Comment on a post = +10 point

Reply to a comment = +1 points

Get your reply selected as the best on that thread = +2


How do I reply or comment on a video?

Click on the video you want to watch and comment on. Below the video, click on the word “comment”. A box will appear and you can write your comment. Click “comment” to the right when you are done.


What is the difference between a comment and a reply?

You can ‘reply’ to a video and you can ‘comment’ on a reply. You can add pictures to a ‘reply’. A ‘reply’ can be selected as ‘best reply’ and pinned to the top of the reply thread. You will receive additional reputation points for having your ‘reply’ selected as best.


Can I edit a comment or reply?

Yes, if it is your ‘comment’, click on the word “edit” to the right of your name and you can change the contents. Click “comment” when you have finished. Please note that you cannot delete a ‘comment’.

If it is your ‘reply’, click on the ‘more actions’ button on the right, below the text box and click “edit”. Please note that you cannot delete a ‘reply’.


What should I do if I see something inappropriate?

We do not tolerate abusive language or behaviour on TenantsTV. If you see a post that you feel is inappropriate, please select the ‘flag’ option in the post and a member of our team will be notified and respond accordingly. When deemed necessary, we reserve the right to remove posts and will do so without hesitation.


Can other users see my personal details?

No, they will be able to see your activity on the site such as videos, comments and replies posted. They can also see your bio, your photo and  your ‘reputation’ but not your email address or any personal details.


How do I delete my profile?

Go to My Dashboard then Profile then Account. Select Delete Profile. Sorry to see you go!


Can I be logged in on more than one computer or device at the same time?

No, any active sessions will be ended when you log in somewhere else.


Can I just upload a photo?

Not at this time no, but maybe if lots of people ask us!


My video isn’t playing, what should I do?

If you can see your video title but the video is not playing, this could be because it is being reviewed by moderators.  If you can see the thumbnail but the video just wont play please flag it and comment one of our team will try and fix the problem as soon as possible.


My video wont upload. What’s going on?

Remember to click on the Start Upload button when you have added your file to upload.You also have to press the big “submit” button at the bottom of the Upload Video page under the description box. If you are seeing the File size error box when you upload, your file may be too big. Files are capped at 80Mb. Try re -shooting your film in a lower resolution setting.  Go into your camera settings – video size and select 720 or less.

You could also try a file conversion App.

try this one for iPhone 

or this one for Android

Download the app and convert your file then upload to TenantsTV.  If your file is bigger than 80Mb then you may have to convert it to a smaller size. (80Mb is about 40 seconds – depending on the camera settings).


I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?

Simply click on Lost Password? on the Log In page and enter your username or email address to reset your password.