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      • Do you want to offer new ways of ‘tenant engagement’
        by means of work experience and media placements?


      • Do you want to raise your profile and enhance your reputation?


      • Do you want to increase participation and open engagement to all?


Four Film Tenant Engagement Programme £6,000+VAT per annum

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The team at Tenants TV have worked in and around social housing for over 25 years. This gives us extensive insight and experience, enabling us to act quickly and effectively when it comes to crafting relevant content.

Once your initial requirements have been discussed we have all the tools and creativity to deliver dynamic, class-leading films that you can post directly on to your website. This gives you a current and  professional way to promote yourselves, and an exciting way to reach out to your tenants and keep them engaged and informed.

This programme can be adjusted to meet your needs and allows the production of four 3 minute films over the year. It can include tenant participation throughout.

  Watch examples of our films here 


Premier Tenant Value Programme £20,000+VAT per annum

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This offers tenant-focused work experience.  Your tenants, with the help of the TTV team, could be presenting or producing your film or news-feeds!

We turn your four quarterly newsletters into a digital news-feed format, again for use on your website, and invite a number of your tenants (up to 40 per year), to join us and gain a unique introduction to the world of film and digital media production.

Watch example film below.

You will also receive the premium annual TTV platform subscription and the ‘four film tenant value programme’, giving even more of your tenants plenty of opportunity for work experience.


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