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Standard package  £42/month

By subscribing to this package you will be able to offer up to 5 of your tenants our Garden Maintenance Business package. This gives them all the information they need to start and run a garden maintenance business. (business plan, the client agreements, annual schedules, customer profile documents, supporting books including The Tree and Shrub Expert, H&S documents, annual support from us and much more.)

   Monthly tailored video content.

Every month you will receive an exclusive ‘best bits’ video showcasing how tenants are building successful gardening businesses across the UK.

   Email notification of tenant posts.

When your tenant uploads a new video that shows off their gardening business we will notify you by email. We will support any of your tenants, who are on the program, to post videos showing their gardening skills to other potential customers in your area.

   Ability to comment and share.
You will have the ability to comment on uploaded videos. This is used to encourage your tenants to grow their small business. You will be able to share to other social media platforms.

   Promoted stories on your page.
As a subscriber you will be able to post any community gardening projects on your own personal page on the platform.

Any unwanted posts we will remove for you.


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Premium package  £120/month.   Includes Standard package 

   Best value package for more tenants.

This package will give you the opportunity to offer the national garden maintenance business scheme up to 20 of your tenants. 


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