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Premium package  £120/month.   Includes Standard package 

   Enhanced content supply.

We create regular industry specific content for the TTV platform and will give your organisation the chance to showcase your achievements throughout the year. In short, we will show your choice of positive story, on the TTV platform to be seen by the whole of the UK.
We work closely with 24 Housing and as a Premium subscriber we will contact you and offer you the opportunity to be part of  the valuable content shared with 24Housing and their publishing platform.

   Work experience placements.
The opportunity to be a part of our Jobs for Young Tenants  program.  We give young tenants the opportunity of work experience with TTV.


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Standard package  £42/month

   Email notification to tenant posts.
When a tenant from your housing association posts a video you will receive an email to the address provided at registration.  You can then respond to this and the tenant will receive your message through their dashboard.

   Ability to comment on resolutions.
You will have the ability to make a comment posted on your association page to remark on the resolution for all to see.  The benefits of this are that others see you are getting involved in a positive way which improves relationships and communication.

  Internal promotion.
If you need to advertise an event you are holding for your residents, maybe a completion, perhaps completing estate walkabout and need to engage with residents in a certain area or just to inform on the great things you are doing in communicates over your entire stock then we are a platform to help.

   Resolved issue updates.
Video posts pertaining to works that have been completed will be marked as resolved.
This will improve communication and save you time having to make calls to verify matters have been resolved.


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